Thursday, 3 January 2013

DIY Day: Hair Accessories Organizer

I've always had a soft spot for little, pretty things. I remember, when I was 10, I was more fascinated with Barbie's accessories than the doll herself. It'd be hours before I realized how long I'd been scrutinizing the tiny object and fantasizing of owning it myself.

my world is so pink and pretty!

To this day I can't resist the sight of anything too 'girly'; and if I can't have it, I choose to make it!

Like this real easy headband holder that can also store hair accessories. Though I may have outgrown the competence to pull off such cute hair accessories, I recently projected my love for such, on to a friend's 2-year old.
She's an adorable little thing with rock-star hair! And that hair demands some heavy artillery.
So to help out her mother organize the variety of headbands and pins she had, I made her this really simple holder.

Step 1: gather supplies

  • A large sized circular tin container (length depending upon the requirement of your accessories)
  • Glue or tape
  • Material to cover the container (either a cloth, wrapping sheet or duct tape).

Step 2: dress the lady

Layer the container with the material and extend the coverage to the bottom of the container, but not the top.

You can choose to either leave the top open,


cover it with the same material, seperately, so that it can fit back again on the container.

Step 3: stack up!

Start stacking up your little girl's accessories: head pins, scrunchies and bands will go inside the container,

and the headbands will go around the container.

Try making the organizer with your daughter as it's very easy!
Not only will she enjoy the craft, but also take pride in displaying her accessories which would otherwise be hidden away in the drawer. That way she can have her own sweet accessories rack like her Barbie.

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Nimita Daftary on 2 June 2015 at 23:26 said...

Hey very creative. I was searching for articles to buy accessory organizer and i came across yours. Thanks for sharing it. It's indeed very pretty and classy.

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