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Lounge Talk with Atiqua, the force behind Luxurina Accessories

Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty.
These are the emotions that were felt by Atiqua Maqsood Saya when she was blessed with a beautiful daughter a year back.
An MBA graduate from Iqra University and a former O' levels maths and accounts teacher, Atiqua now runs a successful online store of imported fashion accessories - for babies, kids, teens and women called LuxurinaAccessories.
We set up an interview with Atiqua to know more about this determined woman in our feature.

1. What motivated you to start Luxurina Accessories?

I have always wanted to pursue a professional career. Previously I was teaching, but after my daughter was born a year back i had to choose some work which i could do from home.
when I had a baby girl, I wanted to dress her up like a doll, like all other moms do; match every thing perfectly. I searched a lot but could not find unique and comfortable accessories. So I started searching for people abroad who could help me. this helped me in developing a business line and eventually my work started.

2. What are the different varieties offered by Luxurina and what age group does it target?

At Luxurina we have baby shoes, clothes, headbands, caps, hats, 18k gold plated and branded jewellery.

3. What has been the feedback from your customers?

Allhumdullillah our customers are very satisfied and return regularly to purchase more from our store 
They say we have made their life easy as they don't have to undertake the hassle of going to the market and search for accessories.
Customers are very happy with our delivery since we have started free cash on delivery on orders above Rs 1500. Easy paisa and bank transfer is also available if required

4. Have there been any complaints regarding the product or delivery process? If yes, then how did you attend to it?

We don't have any complaints for our product honestly.
But people do complain that we do not have variety for boys. this is because there is more variety of accessories for girls to choose at the supplier end. Plus I am not good with boys' shopping. However, I'm trying to cater to this complaint.

5. Where do you see your business along the road?

I want to see Luxurina as one of the leading online accessories store in Pakistan. we are currently working on our website which will soon be available

6. How can those interested place their order?

placing an order at Luxurina is simple: just text, inbox or fill in our order form with item codes, sizes (if applicable) and your details. we will provide free cash on delivery in 2 to 3 days. all stuff is ready for delivery and we do not encourage preorders

7. Lastly, we would like to know your experience of being a mother.

Motherhood is the best thing that has happened to me. its wonderful to see a life totally dependent and fully in love with you, who always wants you to be there for her.


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