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Monday Moves: Nursing pains

While breastfeeding is the most natural and fulfilling way to bond with your baby, it is also a tiring process. I mean cradling an almost 8-pound baby (who is in the process of gaining more weight) is a feat on its own; and then finding that perfect position that contributes to a successful transfer for both the parties takes work on both ends. 
However, in the process a mother often sacrifices her comfort to meet her child's requirements. And for that I shall pay a mini tribue to all those mothers who breatsfed ...

... to thee courage and selfless-ness, I salute!

If not undertaken the right posture during breastfeeding, one can often suffer from neck and shoulder pains. Apart from enduring physical tension, mental stress is also a direct contributing factor.
In order to relieve pain in the targeted area here are a few exercises that can be done after each feeding.
Begin by relaxing your shoulder and neck muscles. A good way to do that is to massage the area with warm oil or take a warm bath. Work towards the muscles gradually. 
Here are 4 easy exercises to loosen the muscles.

Head Roll

Pull up your neck and start rolling your neck in a clockwise motion very slowly. Count up to 5 circles and then stop. Now move in an anti-clockwise direction, completing 5 circles. 
Pause and then repeat the cycle for one more time.

Shoulder Shrug

With arms held loosely at either side stand straight.
Inhale, while at the same time lift your shoulders first as high and then as far back as they can go. 
Exhale, and lower your shoulders to the original position. 
Repeat up to 10 times. Do this exercise after each feeding.

Neck extension and Neck flexion

Stand straight and clasp your hands behind your head. Be careful to place the hands behind head only and not neck.
Without moving your neck, push your head backward against the hands resisting the movement. Hold up to a count of 10 and then relax. Repeat 3 times.
This is a neck extension.
For the neck flexion clasp your hands again and place them on your forehead. Once again push your head forward against the resistance formed by the clasped hands and count to 10. 
Repeat 3 times. 

Upper body stretch

This exercise besides strengthening your shoulder muscles, also helps tone arms. Check out the exercise, behind back arms clasp.

These exercises can easily be done while sitting down and therefore, add the convenience of being incorporated in your newly found lifestyle of breastfeeding- only minus the pains. 

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