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teething baby = psychological injury

Babies are unpredictable. From their unsuspecting growth spurts to surprising bowel movements, every incident in their lives is a complete mystery. As a mother I have never been able to figure out an impending milestone to help me make a pre-emptive strike.
now where's that brain that'll figure out my next move?

Teething has been one of them.  
The process has taken me completely out-of-the blue and now I'm left a baffled soul, not knowing what to do and how to go about it.

you don't say ...
Here's why my baby's teething process has been traumatizing for me:

False alarms

Within the last 10 months he has shown symptoms of cutting a tooth three times. He still has no teeth.

hmmm ... that is strange
The first time we, the parents predicted he was teething was during autumn. My baby had fallen ill with a considerable fever and throughout the night moaned as if in pain. I was sure to find a tooth sprouting from his cute gums within a week. But the very next day he woke up all well.  The puzzling fever had yielded no teeth; only a sleep deprived, cranky mother.
After a few months the baby fell sick again. At this point he was at the perfect age when children are assumed to begin teething. Once again the symptoms of fussiness accompanied with a high fever lifted out spirits that indeed within a few days we’d be the proud parents of a one-toothed baby.
Once again we were disappointed. The very next day the fever resolved itself owing to multiple doses of panadol (which sadly tastes nothing like calpol – the sweet indulgence of my childhood).
To this day the mystery of the sporadic fevers remains unsolved.

Sherlock is baffled

The excruciating wait

My baby has been agitated since a week and his diaper is being soiled by loose stools periodically. Plus a very nasty rash is contributing to the state of discomfort.
After a thorough online research I seem to have matched all these symptoms to teething.  Now all I’m doing is just waiting for the theory to translate to reality; which is taking its sweet time.
Either his teeth are too stubborn or time has come to a standstill. Nothing is sprouting from his gums yet and I have no idea when it will. 
The knowledge of the unknown is only contributing to my impatient state of existence which in this moment is pleading for a sound sleep.

when oh God? When?!

The pitiful soul

Besides silent prayers there is nothing more I can do for the helpless baby.
There are many tactics, both natural and artificial that I've been trying. 

From a timeless homoeopathic medicine passed on by our ancestors, to melon shaped cold teethers, it may seem that I'm trying everything. The medicine they say will take its time and the teether are vehemently being opposed for the want of the familiar pacifier. 
The once cheerful and care-free child has now succumbed to the force of the unknown. He does not know from where the pain stems and thus constantly bangs his fist on his head, for I believe in accordance to the theory of 'relocation of pain': transfer the pan from his mouth to his thick skull.

Right now my weapon of combat is patience. It's the only thing I have to hold on to, to let myself from losing control. 
Come, let's all pray this ordeal for everyone of us is over soon!

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