Sunday, 21 April 2013

DIY Day: Cereal Craze

I began experimenting with dry cereal as a suitable finger food for my baby. However, I ended up eating most of them myself. They've been making them so delicious now! At times I didn't even bother to add milk - grab a handful from the box and just chew away!

oh my! what'll the kids eat now?

What I was then left with was a big pile of empty cereal boxes. So I got thinking of DIY ideas I could use these boxes for.
Here are a couple I came across while browsing through pinterest.

Crayon Sorter

If your child loves colouring but doesn't love to clean up after, here's a quick tutorial on how to make this cool crayon organiser. I doubt the kids will have any excuse not to clean then.

Note Pads

earth day craft

Help the kids recycle leftovers of partially used note books by following this tutorial. It'll be their little precious diary. 

Or opt for these pretty to look at note-books made easy through these instructions 


A new puzzle every time a box empties. No repetition and no boredom! Here's how to make one.

Wallets for the little savers

Food box wallet

A DIY for a little grown up kids to help them understand the idea of measurements as well.

Book Marks

These are so easy to make! And so many at a time!

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