Wednesday, 19 December 2012

DIY Day: the 'flab-to-fab' top

Pregnancy demands comfort. 
During my third trimester, I felt the most comfortable in the most popular item of clothing: the t-shirt. Oversized and adaptable to a growing tummy, the baggy shirts that proved to my friend then, post-birth, became my enemies. When I look at them now I just see a clutter stealing space in my closet.
Thanks to 'By WIlma', here's what I did to transform the floppy shirts to cute tops!

Step 1: sealing the boundaries

Place the shirt on a flat surface. Using a crayon, mark the shirt with alterations as illustrated in the image below.

Widen the neckline as desired, from the front and the back. Please note that the plunge in the front will be deeper than the back, as shown by the red trace in the above illustration.

Next, make four small cuts, as shown above, for the ribbon to slide through. The width of the cuts should match the width of the ribbon for a perfect fit. 
The first two cuts in the middle will be right below the bosom and a subsequent cut is to be made 4 inches from the first cut, closer to the sides of the t-shirt. 

Step 2: crafting the ribbon

Cut a ribbon in four pieces, each piece having a length of 14 inches. 
Insert the ribbons in each cut, in the direction shown by the arrows below.

Glue the ends of the ribbons (inserted inside the shirt) to the shirt. Now you will have four ribbons, two protruding from either side.
Wait for the glue to dry. To make a stronger bond with the shirt, you can also sew the ribbon under the shirt, either using the same colour thread (as of the shirt) or a colour of contrast for more vibrance!

Step 3: look pretty!

Wear the t-shirt and fasten the ribbons; first the ribbons on the inside and then those further towards the sides of the shirt. 

Voila! De toute beaute!

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