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There's no place like 'your child's' home


One of the most exciting parts of birth is the preparation for it. A child's nursery is her first abode, once she's born. Setting up your baby's nursery is a form of indulgence that every parent loves to dive in.
However, today, when schedules are hectic and there's an information overload, the question then posed is 

'how to go about setting up my child's room?'.

There's No Place Like Home are home decor experts, who say that

'when setting your child's room, there are many aspects that need to be considered in the attempts to not only make the room comfortable, but also cognitively stimulating. Such steps facilitate in the mental and physical growth of the child'.

Here is a guide, provided by the expert at There's No Place Like Home, in creating a truly nurturing room for your child.


Begin by selecting a room in your house that is situated near the parents' room. It should be easily accessible to allow frequent visits. Choose a thin walled room or a room that echoes, so that when the baby cries she could be attended to readily.

Always decide upon a room that's within your reach to monitor the child

Choosing colours

Decide upon a colour theme for the room. The walls could either be painted or covered with wallpaper. While 'blue for boy' and 'pink for girl' may be clichéd,  you can choose to play around with different colours and opt for gender neutral colours like orange, yellow or red. These colours are vibrant and are one of the first colours an infant recognizes as her eyesight develops. 
Decal wall art or stencilled art are an innovative choice to add a personal touch to a child's room. You can either choose plain stripes in contrasting colours, or use animal figures for a theme; and a great thing about decals are that they can be easily removed to be changed to match the interests of your child as they grow up.

Decal art never goes out of style


Before buying furniture, begin by drawing a rough blueprint of the room to decide upon the placement. A good idea would be to take actual measurements and gauge whether the room has ample space for the child to move around or not. 
While planning the layout, do take into account storage. While closets and cupboards are the ideal storage places, shelves can also make for a good storage area. Shelves can be both functional and add to decorating the nursery. You can align toys in a section and towels and blankets in the other to add a symmetry to the outlook.

Shelves can be both functional ...

... and decorative


A good way to start looking for furniture is to decide upon a theme for the room. Either minimalist, eclectic, trendy or modern, a theme will give you a direction to choose from a wide array of ranges.
Since your child will demand mobility, arrange the items in a manner to prevent any hazards. Also limit the furniture to essentials to allow addition of more furniture items as the child grows up. 

Choose comfort furniture

All this effort combined with the affection you put into setting up a nursery for your upcoming child, or remodelling your grown up's room, it'll always be a special place for them, once they realize that the true ingredient was their parents' love.

You can also visit There's No Place Like Home's special album dedicated to decorating children's rooms and feast upon the visual treat. 

Happy decorating and happy holidays!

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