Sunday, 3 February 2013

Monday Moves: Hate the 'love handles'

They may sound cute but they are lethal. Once that piece of chocolate cake, you so indulged yourself in owing to the love for the dessert itself, is completely ingested, these love handles will appear as villains avenging the death of chocolate.  

get away from me you evil!
Love handles are in love with your body - especially around the waist, where they accumulate as a layer of fat so hard to get rid of. 

So come on, let's jointly wage a war against them. Let's hate the love handles!


These are so easy that you can do these while heating up your food in the microwave.

Stand straight with your hands on your hips or at the sides, and legs a little apart. 
With your back straight and your tummy tucked in, lower your torso a few inches towards the left, and then back again. repeating the motion on the right side. This is one rep.
Continue to do 10 reps in total, or if you're adventurous, till your food heats up.

Torso twists

This time you can wait for the kettle to boil. Till the tea is ready ..

Stand straight with legs seperated. Gently twist the torso to the right and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat the motion to the left then. During all times, try to restrict the motion from the hips. Continue to 10 reps.

Bicycle crunch

Laying down on the floor, bring your hands behind your head and raise your hips above the ground to a 90-degree angle. Pull your left leg inwards towards your chest. At the same time twist yor right elbow to meet the knee of the leg. Repeat with the opposite leg and elbow. 
Work up to 10 reps.


Lose weight around the waist while also toning your arms. Check out the last exercise in the post.

Side plank hip dips

A variation of the plank, start in a plank position and slowly lift your body to a side, resting the body's weight on your right forearm. 
When comforatable in the position, drop your hips to the floor as you inhale. Exhale as your bring them back to the original position,
Do up to 10 reps, increasing 5 each week. 

Since they are a tough son of a glute to get rid of, the exercises will demand attention and consistency to see significant results. But once that waist is back in sight, you will love your curves and hate the love handles!

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