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Psyche of a Blood Sucker

This time they werent even in a group. It was just the single shameless blood-sucking mosquito that had raged a rampage across my infant's body. I can actually play connect-the-dots with the tiny mosquito bites sprawled randomly on his face. 
I was also in the room, but it chose to ignore me and advanced towards a more gullible prey. I had just put him to sleep after a warm bath, which basically implied a deep sleep for the baby and a heavenly nap for the mother. But no, the predaor had a mind of its own.
I have broken down components of the mosquito's psyche to understand how its mind worked during the course of the mutiny.


Id is the impulsive and unconscious part of the psyche that chooses to respond to the immediate needs of the body.
Ok, so I get it. The mosquito had an immediate need to suck blood. And since the demand was so overwhelming the mosquito was blinded by its objective of sucking blood and blood only. The blood of whoever he may have found easily. 
Apparently mosquitoes are more attracted to floral scents, since nectar is their prime source of feeding. My baby had just taken a bath and smelled of oranges, making him a very potent force of attraction for the deranged animal, which was just waiting for such an opportunity.

it surely was a pseudo-vampire, but definitely not a hummingbird


Ego embodies reasoning and operates by seeking a realistic approach to satisfying the immediate needs of the body, at times also postponing the satisfaction 
Apparently the mosquito had no ego. Scientifically only female mosquitoes suck blood. So it must have been a female, ready to lay eggs. In other terms, a mother. I am a mother too. But I would never do such a disgraceful act to someone's child. 
It was daytime when the fatal incident happened. As far as old wives' tales go, mosquitoes are quite lethargic and slow under the sunlight. This is also scientifically correct.
Hunger for blood (or more accurately pre-requirment for reproduction), decreased physical capacity and desperation compelled the pest to cater to its demand despite any mental restarints (which I'm assuming weren't any), with no regards to its consequences and how the animal may be judged in the hereafter for the brutality involved in acqiring the pleasure.

hear that you little bugger? now behave!


Superego incorporates within oneself the values as taught by elders.
Mosquitoes teach mosquitoes to bite. They also teach them to come back home after each  mission; alive.
Here is where the lousy insect used smart thinking in choosing between the two victims.

Surface Area

I had my face and arms exposed. The baby only his face. But that tiny cute face also had a bald head and supple cheeks for a comfortable landing.
Favour - Baby


If the mosquito had even attempted to come near my face or buzz in my ear it would clearly have gotten a 'smack' and instant death. The baby on the other hand has only just learned a pincer grip and still has a long way before he can even master the battle with the beast.
Favour - Baby

Quality of blood

Mine: containment of poisonous oxidants courtesy junk food. Baby's: clean, fresh blood just waiting to be served.
Favour - definitely baby

Since none of the above factors, which might have contributed to a logical decision, favour me.
The obvious choice as directed by the mosqito's superego was then an infant who could do nothing against the terror it was about to inflict upon him. Further, the insect knew he wouldnt be drawn down with remorse because it was only following in the footsteps of its ancestors, carrying forth the tradition that has long been there since the day these nuisance were born. 

i wish you were mr. mosquito, i wish you were

What was left for me to do was an act that doesnt define my morals. I didnt want to kill the mosquito. I wouldnt have had to, if it quietly flew to a palce where it hurt no party. But it was sitting atop my baby's bald head flaunting its victory as if it had conquered everest.
Too bad your life will only be a timeless memeory to be read and scorned upon. The story of a mosqito who died in peace.

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