Friday, 3 May 2013

DIY Day: M for Mother, M for Me

On mother's day it's not wrong to expect a little something sweet from those mini versions of yourself, or the partner who helped you in bringing them into this world. 
However, at times those presents just fail to meet the hgh expectations you've set for yourself and you end up in a vicious cycle of either blaming the ones who gave you the presents or yourself for being unable to raise them the way you had hoped to.

Instead of a spa voucher you get a spoons set, or in place of a nice breakfast in bed you land in a dirty kitchen.

So instead of letting your expectations blow up in your face, guide your loved ones to indulge n some self-love with you.

Here are a couple of ideas I snitched from the net to add a little glamour to your wardrobe and help us all regain our former sense of style.

Footwear Makeover

The Clutch Crush

Create the easiest DIY no-sew clutch from a place mat and a thrifted belt @ By Wilma

Infinity Scarf for the Casual Look

Simple yet quite effectve DIY ideas that will not only help you spend time wth your loved ones but also add something special to your wardrobe.
Craft away!

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