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The Ordinary Hero

On one hand we have Batman, Wolverine and the Wonder Woman. While on the other we have a Mother.
It may seem that the two have absolutely nothing in common, simply because the former lead lives of glorious victories with stories of endless bravery, while the latter has her very own cliched diaper diaries. 
Even on the exterior, the two seem to belong to two different classes of species.

Anatomy of a Superhero

and then we have ...
Mother's Day Card - Anatomy of a Mother

But then I cam across this Periodic Table of Super-Powers.
Much like the table of elements in chemistry, the Periodic Table of Super-Powers defines the characteristics of super-heroes; the possession of which will eventually help a being be categorised as either plain human or a league above.

periodictable-2.jpg (1450×900)

It may look a little confusing at first. But we can see the table has been divided into three groups: origin stories, mental powers and physical powers. According to the table if one possesses certain characteristics from the table, they automatically become a super-hero.
Here's how I used the table to decipher the code of categorising mothers as super heroes.

Origin Stories

Super Powers: Mutant (X) - Animalistic (An)

Well one thing's for certain: mothers are not human. I'm not implying that they be outcasts but attempting to explain my reason for choosing the 'X' when defining their origin.
If you can see from the table, the X signifies the mutant origin of the super-hero. Women are born human. But then they become mothers. That's when the evolution starts. Mothers transform into a species where they demand no sleep, no food and develop an inspiring level of patience which was formerly absent.

However, that evolution is subtle. Mothers mutate but that's on a genetic level. The changes at the micro-cellular level help them still be accepted as part of the normal society where they are expected to function like a normal human. 
Sadly, this is both a curse and a blessing. Either way it has left the world in a quandary as to who exactly are mothers?

Now that we've established the evolution of mothers into mutants, we can elaborate further on their origin.
I believe that mothers also have an animalistic (An) origin. I am simply deducing this from the understanding that mothers develop the capacity to work like animals owing to the fact that they have the innate qualities to become one. 

From staying awake all night like an owl ..

.. to multi-tasking like a dog ..

.. or at times attempting to devour their young like polar bears.

Mental Powers

Super Powers: Illusions (Il) - Precognition (Pc)

Mothers possess the mental power of convincing the world that they have everything under control. They are illusionists in that way.
For instance, after having children, mothers often lose track of time. They tend to give priority to chores that were previously considered insignificant and choose to refuse obliging to social appointments that were once a part of her daily life. Her friends and family then succumb to the illusion that she has channelled her attention only towards her child and is deliberately ignoring them. However, the reality is quite on the contrary. 

In other instances, the mother becomes an illusionist to her children. She may be saying one thing, but to her children, the words translate into a completely opposite meaning.

And lastly, the super-power of being an illusionist is so strong that at times the mother has to convince herself otherwise. She may be a completely dutiful, diligent and almost perfect mother, but her unjustified guilt may lead her to think that she's just not doing a good job. In those cases it's always better that she reverse the power and accept the truth.

Motherhood also bestows upon the receivers the mental power of Precognition (Pc). She has this unrealised potential of predicting anything bad that's bound to happen. It may seem that the premonitions were actually conceived by herself; and when they do come true, we can always hear her say: I told you so.

Physical Powers

Super Powers: Strength (S) - Speed (Sp) - Detective (Dc) - Force Fields (Ff) - Super Senses (Sn)

From the table it may seem that mothers may have almost all the physical powers to surpass even the most respected super heroes. But here are a few I thought are more appropriate to motherhood.

Strength (S)

They may have muscles of a kitten but surely have the willpower of an ant.

Speed (Sp)

Because she can deal with all of this and still get the kids to school on time ..

Detective (Dc)

She will know what her kids have been up to; thanks to social networking sites.

Force Fields (Ff)

She'll always be the haven to her children - from the day they are born to the day they die.

Super Senses (Sn)

They can always detect the scheming ploys behind a naughty child's innocent face.

While mothers may not have been included in either the Justice League or the Avengers, it can safely be said that they are a category of their own. They might not be able to boast of a fancy costume, or a toned figure, or even partake in narrating stories of saving the world, but they do have an inner drive that helps them carry on their role with a fervour equal to those quoted by the fictional characters in comics.

Here's to all mothers -  children's real super-heroes, which they will only realise once they're done playing with the fictional action figures!


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