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Lounge Talk with Moneeza Kashif, owner of Ribbons n Bows

Moneeza Kashif is a mother of 3, with the eldest being 12 years of age and the youngest, aged 1. With such a diverse age difference amongst her children, one can only imagine her daily routine. From catering to the endless demands of the youngest to managing the homework schedule of the eldest, it can only be said that such a routine demands patience, perseverance and determination.
However, Moneeza is not just a mama; she's a mama-preneur. Besides raising three fine kids, she has been successful in running a small business of kids wear, which goes by the name of Ribbons and bows.
Ribbons n bows is an online retail business, where Moneeza imports kids clothes from different countries and sells them online.
To us it was baffling as to how she could juggle all of this at once. So we sought out to ask her.

1.What was the motivation behind your business idea?

I always thought that I'd WANT to work, but now I just do it because I have to. My husband never allowed me to go out and work 9-5 and now after 3 kids i couldn't even think of doing that. So i thought of working from home . 
The motivation behind my business idea was that i wanted to  provide more advantages to my children -- a good lifestyle and wanted to earn some money of my own so that
every time I would not have to ask my husband .

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2.What challenges do you find in balancing work, family, and life? How do you meet these challenges? 

As I work from home, I do not have to see tears in my children's eyes when I leave home for wok. But still  raising children while working will always be a challenge. In addition, giving attention to my husband, children and home and balancing work is great pressure, which I try to cope with by taking out time to work on the computer when the kids are asleep.
I meet these challenges by making my family my first priority. I made a decision to separate work time from personal time. When with my family, for instance I turn off my laptop or computer. Secondly, I manage my time by organising household tasks efficiently, and set my timings to work on computer according to my family routine.

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3.What is your favourite thing about the work that you do?

My favourite thing about my work is to see my customers happy and satisfied with the product they buy from me.

Style Diva: aged 2 to 6 years

4.What advice do you have for other mamas who work in and outside of the home?

My advice for working mamas is that whatever work you do, always keep your family your first priority.
Secondly you should simplify your domestic life, for example shop online to save time, never over burden yourself and be efficient and organised.
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